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Peace and Harmony

Case Study

Client Description
Our client is a technology-driven solution designed to provide relief to families during moments of grief by ensuring the seamless location and distribution of a deceased individual's will and assets. The app offers a range of services aimed at safeguarding the wishes and instructions of users, ultimately contributing to maintaining peace and harmony within families during challenging times.

Business Need - Problem Statement
The need for Will and More App arose from the common challenge of families struggling to locate and access important legal documents, such as wills, after the passing of a loved one. The lack of a centralized and secure platform for storing such critical information often led to confusion, disputes, and delays in asset distribution. The primary goal was to create a user-friendly app that addresses this issue by providing a secure space for registering wills, storing Letter of Instructions, and offering DIY Will templates.

  • Provide users with a platform to register the location of their will securely.
  • Enable users to store important details about their finances and valuables, specifying the desired manner of distribution.
  • Offer downloadable templates for users to prepare their wills independently.
  • Ensure strict confidentiality of users' decisions and information.
  • Develop a mechanism to disclose the location of wills and instructions only after the user's death to named individuals, following a thorough verification process.

Services Offered as Part of the Project

The app development involved creating a user-friendly interface accessible to individuals of all ages. The secure registration process, DIY Will template download feature, and Letter of Instructions storage were all implemented to meet the specific needs of users.


Rigorous testing procedures were implemented to ensure the security, functionality, and user experience of the app. This phase involved both automated and manual testing, identifying and addressing any potential vulnerabilities or glitches.

Benefits After Implementation
  • Efficient Asset Distribution
  • Reduced Disputes
  • User Empowerment
  • Confidentiality Assurance

Tools and Technologies Used

Frontend : HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Backend : Python for server-side development, ensuring scalability and efficiency

Database : SQLite for a flexible and scalable database solution

Security Measures: Encryption techniques and secure authentication protocols were employed to safeguard user data.

Verification Process : Multi-step verification processes were integrated, requiring proof of identity and a copy of the user's death certificate for disclosure.

In conclusion, Will and More App successfully addressed the critical need for a secure, user-friendly platform to manage wills and related documents. The implementation of this solution brought tangible benefits to users, providing peace of mind and contributing to a more harmonious distribution of assets during challenging times.

Client Description
Our client is a visionary company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for individuals and families to manage their wills and distribute assets seamlessly. The company focuses on offering a range of services, including will registration, secure storage of important documents, and access to DIY Will templates. The primary goal is to bring relief to families during moments of grief by ensuring the smooth execution of the deceased's wishes.

Business Need - Problem Statement

The traditional process of managing wills and distributing assets can be cumbersome and challenging for grieving families. The need for a streamlined, confidential, and technologically advanced solution led to the conception of the Will and More App. The company aimed to address the following challenges:

  • Lack of a secure and easily accessible platform for registering and storing wills.
  • Difficulty in locating important documents and instructions after the passing of an individual.
  • Desire to maintain confidentiality while providing necessary information to authorized individuals.

Benefits After Implementation
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Improved Learning Outcomes
  • Efficient Content Management
  • Positive User Feedback

Services Offered as Part of the Project

The Will and More App embarked on a comprehensive project to enhance its services with next-generation features. The key services included:

  • Implementation of a robust platform for users to securely register the location of their wills.
  • Integration of encryption and multi-factor authentication to ensure data security.
  • Development of a feature allowing users to store a Letter of Instructions containing crucial details about finances and valuables.
  • Secure storage with access limited to authorized individuals.
  • Introduction of downloadable DIY Will templates for users to create their wills conveniently.
  • User-friendly interface for template customization and preparation.
  • Establishment of a confidential disclosure process for revealing the location of wills and instructions after the user's death.
  • Verification through submission of a death certificate and proof of identity.

The implementation of next-generation features in the Will and More App has not only addressed the existing challenges but has also set a new standard for will management services. The company's commitment to innovation and user satisfaction has resulted in a comprehensive solution that brings peace of mind to individuals and their families during challenging times.

Additional Next-Generation Features

  • Implement a blockchain-based authentication system to ensure the integrity and authenticity of registered wills. This decentralized approach enhances security and transparency.
  • Integrate biometric authentication (such as fingerprint or facial recognition) for authorized individuals, adding an extra layer of security during the disclosure process.
  • Utilize smart contracts on a blockchain to automate and secure the asset distribution process, ensuring that assets are distributed exactly as outlined in the will without the need for intermediaries.
  • Implement an AI system to review and validate the completeness and coherence of wills created using DIY templates. This feature can provide users with suggestions for potential improvements.
  • Introduce a digital vault for storing important digital assets such as passwords, cryptocurrency keys, and other sensitive information, ensuring a comprehensive approach to digital inheritance.
Tools and Technologies

Frontend : HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Backend : Python

Database : SQLite3

QR Code Generation : QR Code API

Video Management : Amazon S3 for storage, Video.js for playback

Augmented Reality :AR.js

Machine Learning : TensorFlow

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